Kairos Capital is a SEBI registered investment advisor. Our goal to help our clients meet their long-term investing objectives while minimising risk.

Investors who have a consistent approach to the markets based on a set of core principles have a higher success rate than those who make decisions on impulse or market events. We believe that investing for the long term is absolutely critical and this is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Investment Philosophy has been designed with a few central tenets to help our clients generate higher risk-adjusted returns over the long run. We have two main offerings: a mutual fund service and a model stock portfolio.

Mutual Fund Portfolio Service

Our mutual fund portfolios are designed to be the foundation of our clients’ investing experience. We have five mutual fund-based strategic model portfolios that span the risk spectrum, with each portfolio investing in a diverse set of uncorrelated assets such as domestic and international equity funds, debt and money-market funds and gold funds.

As an investment advisor, we take no commissions from any third parties and invest only in direct plans. This ensures that our investments are aligned with the interest of the client.

This offering is designed to be an end-to-end solution for all our clients’ needs and we have a tie up with a platform to help with execution of trades as well as for reviewing portfolio details and generating reports via the web or mobile app.

Model Stock Portfolio Disclosure Service

We also offer a flat-fee annual subscription to our Model Stock portfolio. This disclosure-only portfolio is designed with a few key features:

  • Long term Orientation: We use a fundamentals-based approach and try to identify and invest in opportunities that will deliver over a 7-10-year time frame.
  • Ethical Investing: We look to invest in firms that have strong corporate governance principles, clean accounting practices, conservative capital allocation decisions along with an eye toward sustainability and the environment.
  • Portfolio Concentration: Our portfolio will generally have 4-5 scripts and never more than 10. This is also why our portfolio has very low turnover, with maybe one or two changes in any given year.
  • Avoiding Market Timing: We invest based on the fundamentals of any given opportunity and sometimes that can lead to our portfolios taking a hit in the short term. But we believe that in the long-run the fundamentals will always catch up and reward the patient investor.

Kairos Capital was founded by Rishad Manekia in 2016. Rishad started his career with Standard Chartered Wealth Management and has extensive experience in markets particularly in terms of mutual funds and stocks.

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