Kairos Capital is a SEBI registered investment advisor. Our goal to help our clients meet their long-term investing objectives while minimising risk.

Investors who have a consistent approach to the markets based on a set of core principles have a higher success rate than those who make decisions on impulse or market events. We believe that investing for the long term is absolutely critical and this is at the heart of everything we do.

We have two main offerings:

Mutual Fund Portfolio Service

Our mutual fund portfolios are designed to be the foundation of our clients’ investing experience. As an investment advisor, we take no commissions from any third parties and invest only in direct plans. This ensures that our investments are aligned with the interest of the client.

Model Stock Portfolio Disclosure Service

We also offer a flat-fee annual subscription to our Model Stock portfolio. This disclosure-only portfolio is designed with a few key features: a long term horizon, a strong corporate governance framework, a concentrated portfolio and a focus on fundamentals as opposed to market timing.

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