Linkfest – 80

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. This linkfest will help you cut out the noise and focus on what was important in the last few weeks:


Indian Economy:

Goldilocks economy – Livemint

Uncertain times in bond markets – Business Standard

India’s credit market – Urbanomics

Urjit Patel’s speech – Mostly Economics

Aarati Krishnan: Bond market breaking away from the MPC – Business Line

Sluggishness in labour intensive sectors – Livemint

GST Collections better than expected – Business Standard

Manas Chakravarty: Falling employment in India – Livemint

Mobile internet users in India nearing 500 million – Bloomberg Quint



Huge foreign flows from global investors to US stocks – Topdown Charts

The case for active management in International Equities – Advisor Perspectives

Time for European equities? – The Macro Tourist

Bank Financing: The Disappearance of Interbank Lending – The Big Picture

The rise of micro brands  – Medium

China’s belt and road project – Nikkei Asian Review


Investing and Personal Finance:

The new debt fund categories – Livemint

When there is a simple solution, why do we complicate it? – BalaBlogs

It’s important to play defence as well – Get Rich Slowly

How to talk to people about money  – Collaborative Fund

A closer look at the real estate sector – Investment Wala Dost

Large cap funds struggling to beat benchmark  – Livemint

Monika Halan: Which money mistake grade are you at? – Livemint

Diworsification – The Reformed Broker

Closed ended funds are not a great deal – Morningstar




The API is becoming the primary interface for business – YouTube


Last Week Tonight: Cryptocurrencies  – YouTube


Rise of Digital Media in India  – YouTube


Saurabh Mukherjea on India Equities  – YouTube


State of Property Market in India  – YouTube


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