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Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Good interview on the state of the economy with Pranjul Bhandari and Ira Dugal



Some of my key takeaways:

  • Narrowly focused GDP growth – financials being led by personal loans and not industrial credit which is a worry
  • Potential growth is close to 7.1 per cent. January to June we have been growing above potential and this would normalise over the next two quarters. 
  • Signs of economy overheating: core inflation was shooting up which prompted the two rate hikes. Now with growth rates coming down, core inflation will normalise as well
  • Non-agricultural activity and wages in the rural economy have been picking up led by construction on the government side
  • Private sector capex intentions have improved but they are probably waiting for elections to get over before investing in new capacity
  • Exports have been picking up but the acceleration of imports, led by demand for things like smartphones, means the deficit is widening
  • India’s investment cycle over the years has been increasingly linked to global capex cycle, which has been favourable more recently
  • Food prices remain low but areas sown at 95 per cent which could lead to strong demand for labour. This would give comfort on rural wages.
  • Consumption growth looks strong but increasingly been driven by personal loans and the e-commerce effect
  • GST rebates have become more timely, which is likely to be supportive of exports
  • Imports are likely to accelerate more sharply. Any acceleration in investments will also lead to higher imports
  • Our growth differential with the world continues to widen and with increasing imports, this will put further pressure on the current account and the currency 
  • GST collections are running behind expectations but government could meet it some other way. At worst there will be some fiscal slippage
  • After elections potential growth is likely to rise. Growth inflation mix is healthy with inflation expectations coming down. The monetary policy committee is probably underrated as a reform and has had the impact possibly as great as the GST

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