Friday, April 15th, 2016

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. Here is a summary of a few from the last week that give food for thought:


Indian Economy:

  • Rajasthan’s new titling law is the first step in Indian land market reform (Livemint)
  • The case for taxing farm incomes (Business Standard)
  • The changes in India’s external debt profile over the years: good or bad? (A K Bhattacharya)
  • India’s struggle to cash in on its demographic dividend (Bloomberg View)
  • Trouble brewing in Assam (The Economist )
  • Maharashtra’s unsustainable debt levels and how they are affecting its capital expenditure plans (Business Standard)
  • Trends in Indian healthcare (Shankar Acharya)
  • The government is stifling innovation for technology based business models (Livemint)






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