Saturday, April 30th, 2016

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. Here is a summary of a few from the last week that give food for thought:


Indian Economy:

  • The mismatch in value between food stocks procured by states and the loans they have taken against them (Banker’s Trust)
  • Gujarat is defaulting on its renewable purchase obligations in the power sector. What does it imply when the same policies are being taken to a national level? (Business Standard)
  • The put option in India’s unicorns (Livemint)
  • India is the biggest virtual exporter of water (Livemint)
  • Budget allocation for health was less than half the total funds promised (Livemint)
  • LIC’s black box of debt (Livemint)
  • The MCA portal is a pain to use (Livemint)
  • Uber vs Ola: Legal edition (Business Standard)



  • The unravelling of the unicorn fantasy (Quartz)
  • The decline of manufacturing jobs. What does it mean for India? (NY Times)
  • Societe Generale got China right (FT Alphaville )
  • Kicking the can down the road (AVC)
  • How the media blows things out of proportion (Visual Capitalist)




Visual capitalist

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