Friday, June 10th, 2016

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. Here is a summary of a few from the last week that give food for thought:


Indian Economy:

  • Neelkanth Mishra on 2 years of the NDA government (Indian Express)
  • Mauritius treaty is the first step to change India’s skewed tax structure (Ajit Ranade)
  • Charging up the power sector (Business Line)
  • Are we creating enough jobs? (Bloomberg)
  • Can India capitalise on its digital advantage? (Livemint)
  • Delays in justice (Urbanomics)
  • Panchayats are becoming more important in citizen-state engagement (Business Line)
  • On the other hand, panchayats are at the mercy of the states (Business Standard)
  • The challenges with FDI projections (Urbanomics)
  • A Reality check on Patanjali (Business Line)
  • The shift in labour from full time employees to contract workers (Livemint)
  • Does a good monsoon necessarily lead to a consumption boost?(Business Standard)





  • Buffett indicator shows bubble in Indian markets (Economic Times)
  • Avoid drawing sweeping conclusions based on investments of a small set of people (Bloomberg)
  • Commodities beating global bonds and stocks in 2016 (Financial Times)
  • There has never been a better time to be a home buyer in the America (A Wealth of Common Sense)



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