Saturday, June 25th, 2016

This last week has seen a lot of activity with both the announcement of governor Rajan’s exit from the RBI and the news on Brexit. Here are some reads  to catch you up on whats been going on:



  • 10 signals from Rexit (Manas Chakravarty)
  • Rajan exit was likely to happen regardless of his policies and global stature (Mihir Sharma)
  • Governor Rajan on his track record of cleaning up bank balance sheets (RBI)
  • With Rajan gone, who will keep up the fight against crony capitalists? (Foreign Policy )



  • Whatever happens, it will happen slowly (Aleph Blog)
  • Brexit in charts (Ritholtz)
  • What happens next? (The Guardian)
  • London could lose out to New York and Scotland could opt for the EU (Ritholtz)
  • Why is Brexit bad for the global economy? (The Atlantic)


Indian Economy:

  • Power is shifting from the builder to buyer in real estate (Business Standard)
  • Falling per capita calorie consumption coupled with slowing population growth will put a cap on how much food India needs (Neelkanth Mishra)
  • India’s share of foreign flows is falling (Business Standard)
  • The governments push to develop India’s water transport infrastructure (Business Line)
  • The permanence of India’s temporary workers (Business Line)
  • The problems of India lie in its small cities (Ruchir Sharma)
  • The angel tax dilemma (Livemint)
  • The government is building homes that the poor do not want (India Spend)
  • 66% of the Rs.2.09 trillion worth of debt that matures in  2017 originates from companies that belong to either the stressed or the ERR segment (Livemint)





  • Throw out your stock market “event risk” playbook (FMD Capital)
  • London property is doomed (FT Alphaville )
  • Financial planning is about more than just having goals (Good Moneying)
  • Very few people understand the implications of opportunity cost (Subramoney)
  • Hedge funds consume most of the alpha (All About Alpha)

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