Monday, August 1st, 2016

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. Here is a summary of a few from the last week that give food for thought:


Indian Economy:

  • Is the stressed asset business ready to take off? (Business Standard)
  • The governments report card on removing outdated laws (Livemint)
  • Indian Bond yields near 2009 low (Ira Dugal)
  • The cost of our informal economy (Urbanomics)
  • Why service inflation matters (Business Line)
  • Brighter prospects in the Indian jobs market (Economic Times)
  • 1991 reforms and diet: “Sunday Ho Ya Monday, Roj Khao Ande” (Livemint)
  • Slowdown in credit growth is due to stress in public sector banks (Raghuram Rajan)
  • The Ebb and flow of M&A in India (Business Line)
  • Shallow talent pool in Maharashtra government (Livemint)
  • Is the seventh pay commission really a bonanza? (Vinod Rai)
  • India’s quality of growth is improving (Business Standard)
  • Both the magnitude and the quality of the fiscal deficit is worsening (Business Standard)





  • Be disciplined enough to deal with uncomfortable moments (Mullooly)
  • Is the golden era of dividend growth over? (Morningstar)
  • Too much choice is not necessarily a good thing (Irrelevant Investor)
  • Turn off the return ticker on your screen (SparkFin)



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