Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. This linkfest will help you cut out the noise and focus on what was important in the last week:


Indian Economy:

Bloomberg Quint – Juggling statistics for GDP

Mostly Economics – Does RBI’s independence matter?

Livemint – Manas Chakravarty: Who are the biggest buyers of gold in India?

Bloomberg Quint – Praveen Chakravarty: Who is paying for those loan waivers

Livemint – Indira Rajaraman: Solutions for legacy failures in India

Livemint – Small finance banks see asset quality deteriorate

Livemint – India’s internet landscape

Mostly Economics – Grade distortion in India

Capitalmind – About the latest GDP growth numbers

Bloomberg Quint – Global comparisons of GST




NY Times – China has made the Fed and the ECB look almost lackadaisical when it comes to pumping money

Visual Capitalist – Electric Vehicles’ ‘Model T’ moment

SL-Advisors – A closer look at oil production trends

Bloomberg – The long calm in commodities

Bloomberg – Robots will diffuse demographics

McKinsey – Insights into consumer behaviour

The Big Picture – Robots for the Long Haul

Benedict Evans – Disruptions in the next 10 years

The Guardian – Operation car wash (via AlphaIdeas)


Investing and Personal Finance:

Alpha Architect – Indexing: Trust, but verify

Safal Niveshak – Go on a decision diet

HumbleDollar – Too trusting of investment promises

Morningstar – Confessions of a stock picker

A Wealth of Common Sense – Reframe your concept of risk

Morgan Housel – Expiring vs. long-term knowledge


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