Saturday, July 1st, 2017

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. This linkfest will help you cut out the noise and focus on what was important in the last week:


Indian Economy:

Livemint – Harsha Jethmalani: GST Migration challenge

Bloomberg Quint – The different views on interest rates by the MPC

Livemint – Aparna Iyer: FIIs avoiding state bonds

Business Standard – Some interesting data analysis on farm loan waivers

Bloomberg Quint – Andy Mukherjee: India’s distressed dozen

Livemint – Cafe Economics: The money illusion problem

Livemint – Harsha Jethmalani: the cost of GST

Livemint – Rebooting the IT industry

Firstpost – Anti-profiteering under GST

Hindustan Times – Why are Indian news channels so disappointing?




Value Walk – There is still a huge appetite for bonds

Livemint – How to consume news

Rodinhoods – The economics of online fashion

Harvard Business Review – MNCs have a bright future, even with all the talk of de-globalization



Investing and Personal Finance:

Safal Niveshak – Why you shouldn’t talk about your stocks publicly

Economic Times – How to analyse annual reports

Wealth of Common Sense – Investing in an overvalued market

Subramoney – Different types of advisors



Youtube – Charlie Munger: The psychology of human misjudgement


Youtube – The ABC of filing GST returns


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