Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. This linkfest will help you cut out the noise and focus on what was important in the last week:


Indian Economy:

Moneycontrol – Indianomics: PSB Consolidation

Livemint – Calls for a weaker rupee are misguided

Livemint – India’s rural distress puzzle

Bloomberg Quint – Changing Centre-State relations

Livemint – Large conglomerates only invest in a handful of states

Livemint – Life insurers struggle to retain policyholders

Livemint – The state of branded generics

Bloomberg Gadfly – Andy Mukherjee: Passing the bad asset parcel

Bloomberg Quint – 99 per cent of demonetised currency was returned

Mostly Economics – Physical savings vs. financial savings

Bloomberg Quint – Indian labour force to be the worlds largest

Capital Mind – India experiencing lowest growth in four years



Livemint – Whatapp process outsourcing

The Economist – Declining airport profits

Quartz – The falling dollar


Investing and Personal Finance:

Financial Samurai – Its ok to spend a little

Subramoney – Overanalysing is dangerous

MF Critic – The pitfalls of hybrid funds

A Wealth of Common Sense – Technology cannot do everything in finance

Subra Money – SIPs and disappearing alpha in mutual funds


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