Linkfest – 77

Thursday, February 8th, 2018

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. This linkfest will help you cut out the noise and focus on what was important in the last few weeks:


Indian Economy:

Structural change in real estate – Business Standard

Disinvestment economics – Bloomberg Quint

Is India on the cusp of a fiscal revolution? – Livemint

Cloning of PSBs – Mostly Economics

Manas Chakravarty: The capex conundrum – Livemint

Ajit Ranade: Farmers need economic freedom – Livemint

Bond markets out of sync with Monetary Policy – Bloomberg Quint



The new LTCG – Capital Mind

The new healthcare scheme – Capital Mind

Budget and crypto currencies – Mostly Economics

NDA vs UPA: Budget edition – Livemint

Neelkanth Mishra: Budget economics, MSP edition – Business Standard



The new US tax law disruption – WSJ

Barry Ritholtz: Leave aside your political feelings about US tax cuts  – Bloomberg

Chinese rural e-commerce – Urbanomics

Bonds and momentum  – Pragmatic Capitalism

The death of clothing – Bloomberg


Investing and Personal Finance:

Indian equities and risks – The Eighty Twenty Investor

Focus on what you can control – Safal Niveshak

Why did markets fall? Nobody knows- The Evidence-Based Investor


What is worrying bond markets – YouTube


Praveen Chakravarty: 10 Things from Economic Survey  – YouTube


Neelkanth Mishra and Sonal Varma on Budget and Macros  – YouTube


Sajjid Chinoy on Budget  – YouTube


Morgan Housel on Investing  – YouTube


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