Linkfest – 78

Friday, February 16th, 2018

I come across a lot of good articles from across the web. This linkfest will help you cut out the noise and focus on what was important in the last few weeks:


Indian Economy:

IBC has changed the paradigm for both bankers and for promoters – Livemint

Banning trading abroad is not a choice – Ajay Shah

SBI: The worst is over – Capital Mind

Will MSPs give 50% returns to farmers? – Livemint

Bond market is making its voice heard – Livemint

2 wheelers will lead the EV revolution in India – Livemint

RBI yanks fig leaf off bad loans – Livemint

Latha Venkatesh: India’s new bad loan rules – darkest hour before dawn? – Moneycontrol

Andy Mukherjee: RBI’s ultimatum for banks – Bloomberg

India turns protectionist  – Bloomberg Quint

More signs of protectionism: Reinsurance  – Business Standard

Deep rooted rot in Indian corporates – Business Line

Holding the mirror on corporate India – Urbanomics

Warnings to India from MSCI – Alpha Ideas



Barry Ritholtz: creativity in explaining market corrections – Bloomberg

Silver lining of market crash: Oil collapse – Livemint

The tulip mania that never was – Mostly Economics

Why competitive advantages die – Collaborative Fund

The American shale revolution  – Advisor Perspectives

What are US interest rates signalling about growth and deficits? – FT Alphaville

Crypto correction – The Economist

American vs Chinese tech – The Economist


Investing and Personal Finance:

Scheme name changes – Business Standard

Dollar cost averaging does not work – Think Newfound

Enhancing returns with investment mentors  – Disciplined Investing

Gold is not all it’s made out to be – Mr. Zepczynski




Scott Galloway interviews Barry Ritholtz – YouTube


Templeton Debt Market Outlook  – YouTube


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