The Dominance of Amazon

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Amazon was started in 1995 and today, about two decades later, it completely dominates the US e-commerce market. The Visual Capitalist has a great chart that captures this:


What is even more impressive is that the company is growing really fast even though it is so massive. The company continues to take a larger piece of the pie, with market share jumping from 38 to 49 per cent in just the last two years. Prime day sales have increased 74 per cent over the last year to 4.2 billion dollars!

Amazon started its India operations five years ago in 2013. Today it is neck and neck with Flipkart, a company that was founded in 2007. Along the way, there has been a consolidation in the ecommerce space with the fall of giants like Snapdeal. If so much change can happen in just a few short years, it is hard to imagine where this company will be a decade or two from now in India.

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