Linkfest – 92

Monday, September 24th, 2018

Interesting commentary from across the web in the last few weeks:


The new breed of FMCG startups – Bloomberg Quint

The misleading narratives of our time – Urbanomics

Death of passive management? – Institutional Investor

Spot electricity spikes turning structural? – Livemint

A fix to the commission problem – ValueResearch

The US Tax reform gave a massive boost to US financial assets – Macro Tourist

The world is full of surprises – Morgan Housel

Asia is not immune to EM woes – The Economist

Analyst Buy/Sell Ratings are the worst – Innovate Wealth

Amazon’s Anti-trust paradox – Yale Law Journal

The recent correction put in perspective – The Calm Investor

The rise of private labels has transformed CPG companies – CBInsights


Adrian Mowat: Free trade increasing across the globe – YouTube

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