Rethinking Education

Tuesday, September 11th, 2018

The universal education that we use today has not changed much in over a century. But in the same period of time, technology has drastically changed our lives and the way we do things. What the point of rote memory when everything is always available anytime through internet or computing systems. If we had to rethink the education system, what would it look like?

Here is a video a TED Talk by Seth Godin that talks about how ridiculous the current system is and  eight things that could change for education systems in the future



From the talk, what could we do to have a better learning outcomes?

  1. Homework during the day and lectures at night. Its better to have one common lecture from the best teacher in the world and have homework/class room discussions to facilitate discussion, learning and engagement with the subject matter
  2. Open book all the time. There is zero value in memorisation in the age of the internet
  3. Access to any course anywhere in the world anytime. There is no need for chronology anymore
  4. The rise of focused education instead of mass batch systems
    • No more multiple choice – computers can evaluate better than that
    • Measuring experience instead of test scores – the end of compliance as an outcome
    • Cooperation instead of isolation – because thats how it works in the real world
  5. Teacher role transforming to that of a coach
  6. The rise of lifelong learning
  7. Work happening earlier in life
  8. The death of the “famous” branded college

Its an inspiring talk and gives lot of food for thought.

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