Linkfest – 96

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

Interesting commentary from across the web in the last few weeks:


Over dependence on cab aggregators is hurting auto profits –

No One is Crazy – Morgan Housel

Thriving With Systematic & Discretionary Investing – The Integrating Investor

How the contracting PE multiple stole 2018 – The Reformed Broker

Coffee Can Investing: Rajeev Thakkar – Money Control

Japan’s stockmarket is poised for a comeback – The Economist

Tiny Improvements, Big Results – A Wealth of Common Sense

The Surprising Power of The Long Game – Farnam Street

How Athleisure Conquered Modern Fashion – The Atlantic

The shopping revolution: Barbara Kahn – The Big Picture

The Wall Street Math Hustle – Institutional Investor

Trends & Time Lapses – A Wealth of Common Sense

Lending slowdown is affecting consumption – Bloomberg Quint

Zoom Out – Safal Niveshak

How the American Consumer Got Addicted to Choice – A Wealth of Common Sense

Life Insurance – Know What you are sold – Bala’s Blog

Fees continue to fall in US funds – Morningstar

Four Things Leonardo da Vinci Can Teach Us About Investing – Of Dollars And Data


The Myth of Private Equity – YouTube



How these penny pinchers retired in their 30s – YouTube



Aswath Damodaran: Making sense of market mayhem – YouTube


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