Vishal Khandelwal on Investing

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

Great talk by Vishal Khandelwal at the Value Investing summit in Kuala Lampur. He quite neatly captures the pitfalls and challenges to successful long term investing. It is a great starting point for investors looking to understand how to approach investing in financial markets.

You can find the presentation slides to this talk on his website: Safal Niveshak.

I particularly liked the way he simplified the discussion to 5 key points down to remember when investing:

  1. Staying humble
  2. Practicing inactivity
  3. Thinking and acting long term
  4. Giving due credit to luck, and finally
  5. Keeping it simple

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Rishad is the founder of Kairos Capital. He started his career with Standard Chartered Wealth Management and has extensive experience in markets, particularly in terms of mutual funds and stocks.

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