Deconstructing the Rural economy

Monday, March 25th, 2019

Fascinating discussion on underlying drivers behind rural economy distress and what can be done to address it.

Some interesting points raised:

  • Are MSPs effective and actually getting to the end beneficiaries? Is this a band-aid that, without structural changes to agriculture, will create further problems down the line
  • Are loan waivers a permanent subsidy because voters do not want withdrawal of benefits?
  • Earlier the policy was do ban informal lending. It would be worth re-looking at this and try and bring informal lenders into the fold. A number of such lenders have been in operation for decades and know their customers well
  • Currently insurance schemes are very inefficient and do not have much impact. Digital solutions can be adopted to improve delivery and ensure more people can benefit
  • Health insurance is only one piece of the puzzle. We still do not have adequate supply of healthcare facilities and services
  • There has been rampant and rapid transition to financial services. But do investors understand the underlying risk they are taking for these investments?

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