The basics of Personal Finance

Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

This was a talk I gave on personal finance and on a framework to think about financial freedom. It was followed up by some case studies and was meant to act as a primer on money management.

The presentation was given to a group of young students and graduates who were just starting out their careers. The topics of discussion were:
1) Investment 0: the steps to take before you start investing
2) Why financial goals matter
3) The importance of asset allocation
4) A framework to think about your personal economy

You can also watch the video here: YouTube.

Disclaimer: Please note that all the information mentioned above is for educational and informational purposes only. Please consult a qualified financial advisor prior to making any investment decisions.

About the author

Rishad is the founder of Kairos Capital. He started his career with Standard Chartered Wealth Management and has extensive experience in markets, particularly in terms of mutual funds and stocks.

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