At Kairos Capital we use a data-driven and research-based approach to identify investment opportunites that deliver better returns over the long term while keeping risk under control.

We are a SEBI registered investment advisor and provide the following services to our clients:

  • Mutual funds, Stocks and Portfolio advisory
  • Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Wealth Management
  • Macroeconomic Analysis of the Indian markets
  • Regular updates to top commentary from the investment world

Investors who have a consistent approach to the markets based on a set of principles have a higher success rate than those who make decisions on impulse or market events. We believe that investing for the long term is absolutely critical and this is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Investment Philosophy has been designed with a few key principles to help our clients generate higher risk-adjusted returns over the long run. And while our philosophy and values are universal across our clients, we believe that portfolios must address each individual or organisations’ unique situation. This is why we provide specific plans for each and every one of our clients

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Kairos Capital was founded by Rishad Manekia in 2016. Rishad started his career with Standard Chartered Wealth Management and has extensive experience in markets particularly in terms of mutual funds and stocks. To know more, see his LinkedIn profile.